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What is Wing Chun?




Jiu Wan


Grandmaster Jason Lau


My Sifu: Alan Goldberg


Clearwater Instructor





What is Wing Chun


Wing Chun is Kung fu style that is very different from many of today's popular styles such as karate, tae kwon do, and Shaolin kung fu. While these styles block first then attack, a Wing Chun student will defend and attack simultaneously. Wing Chun students also do not draw back before striking; instead, they strike from any position. This method both increases the speed and eliminates the telegraphing of the strike. In this way, in one or two punches, a Wing Chun student will throw at least nine.

While most other styles rely on a windup to generate striking force, Wing Chun uses the structure of the entire body to create power in a small space. Wing Chun's famous "one-inch-punch" is a testament to its striking power. Because proper positioning will overcome sheer strength, much of a Wing Chun student's time is spent training his body to move precisely and efficiently. Wing Chun uses chi sao (sticky hands) training to develop this precision and economy of motion.

Wing Chun is efficient - It uses economy of motion and energy to accomplish the task at hand. No unnecessary movement or motion is used along with the minimum amount of energy. Movements are linear from point a to point b. Wing Chun uses the opponents energy against him.

Wing Chun is fast - Students are trained to punch relaxed. This means that there is a minimum of muscle resistance when the punch is launched allowing for maximum acceleration. Force=mass X acceleration. The force of a blow can only increase with the acceleration since mass is constant.

Wing Chun is powerful - The Wing Chun student is trained to generate extremely high amounts of energy by coordinating movements of the body when a punch connects to maximize the amount of mass and acceleration behind the technique. Force=mass X acceleration. The force of a blow can only increase with the acceleration since mass is constant.

Wing Chun is thought provoking - Wing Chun was developed in a logical way. There are a lot of hidden meanings in each technique or theory. The challenge is to discover and utilize the deeper meanings to improve your understanding of the art.

Wing Chun can be fun - When you learn Chi-Sao (Sticky Hands), things start to get fun. The object is to incorporate all the previous teachings and figure out (with an opponent) the best, fastest, and most efficient way to defeat techniques. It becomes a challenge, like a game of chess.

Wing Chun is not just for guys - a woman developed Wing Chun whose first student was a woman. Women may have a better predisposition to learning the art because of their inherent relaxation. Generally men have to train to relax and tone down energy usage.

Wing Chun is a way of life - Lessons learned in Wing Chun can be directly related to everyday life. Relax, don't use so much energy, see things at their basic level and then understand them better, and so much more....