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Office Tips:

  • To increase productivity at work (and decrease overtime hours)--create a weekly time log. Write down every activity that you do at work from the time to enter to the time you leave. You may start to notice how much time is spent on emails, phone etc--and will enable you to "schedule" tasks for certain times of the day.
  • Always loosing your pens? Purchase a mounted coil pen that has an adhesive backing with a stretch cord.
  • Keep information on your contacts, leads, and current customers. A database is a great tool for keeping everything organized and up-to-date.
  • Encourage people to use email in the office, so that you can speak to them when it is convenient for you. 

Family Tips:

  • Schedule dates with your spouse, significant others, and children. Write these appointments on your calendar so that they do not have to rescheduled. Organization ensures that you make time for those that you love.
  • Develop a "family chore chart." This chart should be hung on the fridge--or some other easily accessible place. Household chores such as taking out the garbage, washing the dishes etc. should be listed, and the family member that is responsible for doing it. A "due-date" should be made, and the tasks should be crossed off as they are completed.
  • Teach children to do things for themselves--but help them to succeed. Write instructions, create a drawing, or teach them by example. It will save you time, and will help your children learn and grow.

Your Life:

  • Create a master list of goals and dreams and carry it with you everywhere. If you start to doubt yourself or your goals--take it out and read it to yourself.
  • Create a daily "to do" list. Cross off items as they are completed. Whatever is not completed--put on the following days list.
  • Narrow down your options. Create a "pros" and "cons" list. The option that has the most "Pros" and the least "Cons" wins. 


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