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What is Wing Chun?




Jiu Wan


Grandmaster Jason Lau


My Sifu: Alan Goldberg


Clearwater Instructor




About Sifu Brian Spiegel  

Sifu Brian Spiegel's martial arts experience began at the age of thirteen, studying Tae Kwon Do under Grand Master Suh Chong Kang in Brooklyn New York. His memory of the experience is as follows:

Brian Spiegel, Atlanta Georgia, 1993.

(Grandmaster Jason Lau's School)

Even at that early age I wanted to one day be an instructor in the Martial Arts. Like many I became highly enthused with Bruce Lee and I wanted to study the art of Wing Chun. "Unfortunately at the time there were no schools which catered to children and young adults. After receiving my 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do I enlisted in the US Army. I became an Intelligence analyst with the 353rd Civil Affairs SOF (Airborne). As I matured and I needed to become more career-oriented my urge to study Wing Chun was reborn. I was introduced to Sifu Alan Goldberg (see above). As with any art, my Sifu repeatedly told me to start over again with an empty cup."
His training began in the typical Kung Fu fashion. As the term Kung Fu translates to "Hard Work" in English, so he remembers it was. Many long. grueling hours were spent in front of a mirror trying to perfect hand positions such as Tan Sao, Bong Sao, Jut Sao and of course the Yim Chee Kim  Yeung Ma stance. It was only later, he says
"...I learned in the arts there is no perfecting a particular movement. However, I came to realize the concepts or philosophy behind the movements were key to a deeper understanding of Wing Chun. I began studying as much material on Wing Chun as possible. My Sifu, Alan Goldberg has always been an advocate for 'seeing what else is out there', and being 'a scholar of the martial arts.' He would say there are a lot of people out there who are yet to be discovered and we can listen, take in information and learn from it. Some we may not agree with, so it is up to the individual to either harness the information or dismiss it." In that spirit, he began collecting articles, photos, attended seminars and even gathered around with other Wing Chun/Kung Fu artists to brainstorm and experiment with new ideas.
After many years of study and devotion he was promoted to the rank of Sifu which is also recognized by his Si Gung (Grandmaster) Jason Lau. In the vein of discovery and experimentation, he now would like to share with others much of the knowledge which was passed on to him by his Sifu (Master/father) Alan Goldberg and Si Gung (Grand Master/Grand Father) as well as make order to the information which he has accumulated over the years. Currently, he is attempting to make a reference book in which any practitioner can utilize. Many of the articles being presented are not completely in agreement with his viewpoint. He claims the following: "However, I have found merit in their arguments and I believe it's worth browsing over and deciding for yourself if it is worth anything." Of course, he is also including his own thoughts on combat, Chi Sao, foot work, philosophy and much more. He hopes all will find his site to be a valid source of useful information for the serious martial artists well as the martial art enthusiast.